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The act of pooping out a live midget.
"Dude want to see me pull a Stinky Twinkie?!"
"Hell yeah I do! It's the miracle of life!" *high five*
by Triple N August 07, 2011
A dick that has been in a nasty, smelly cunt and thus smells
"I'm not sticking my dick in Lindsay Lohan; I don't want a Stinky Twinkie!"
by MOCO & P-Phat May 27, 2007
VERB: The act of sodomizing a woman and subsequently, BEFORE ejaculating, removing the penis from the rectum and then inserting it in the woman's mouth. NO warning, NO wiping off of errant fecal matter, NO rinsing (although spitting on the penis prior to insertion in the surprised woman's mouth IS acceptable). Tugging of hair and/or pinching of nostrils to gently encourage the opening of the mouth to receive the shit-smeared penis IS acceptable. Tapping the penis on the forehead or nose of the woman as an "Open, please." gesture is common, and considered polite.

NOUN: The penis itself, as described in the above series of actions which together comprise the "Stinky Twinkie" maneuver. It is indeed stinky, as it has been in a woman's anus, and possibly as far as the descending colon. The reference to the Twinkie, a cream-filled tubular sponge cake manufactured by the Hostess Company, is pretty much self-explanatory; Since the withdrawal takes place prior to ejaculation, the "Twinkie" (penis) is still metaphorically full of "cream" (semen). Technically, the semen actually resides in the testicles.

Thus, as a NOUN, one can both HAVE a Stinky Twinkie and EAT it as well; and as a VERB, the act described above IS known as giving someone "The Stinky Twinkie"
USAGE AS NOUN: "I pulled my dick out of her ass, producing a loud suction noise, and after banging it on her nose a few times, popped the whole smelly business into her mouth like a STINKY TWINKIE."

USAGE AS VERB: "After a long while ass-fucking my woman, and realizing that I wasn't able to come, I yanked it out and gave her the old STINKY TWINKIE."
by BaffleActs July 19, 2009
A sexual act when a male and a female engage in anal sex and the male pulls out and shoves the tip of his penis on the female's nose and blows the his cream filling inside.
Bro I pulled out her butt and gave her a Stinky Twinkie for desert.
by StinkCheeseBandit March 02, 2011
Another name for human waste product:commonly known as feces, faeces (spelling difference) or stool
"Oh dude, someone left a stinky twinkie in the toilet. Learn to flush!"
by McLange October 20, 2008
:A woman who has a putrid vagina that stinks or a large woman with huge breast that smell offensive.
"Dang! Rosie I enjoy loving up large gals on any given day, but let me know next time you shower and can't quite reach certain areas with a washcloth. Now I know why by brother done called you a stinky twinkie."
by DJ Newman October 07, 2003
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