A character on the cartoon SeaLab 2021. Stinky Pete is a seal who says ah cha cha cha...delicious.
"We'll play with our pet seal, Stinky Pete!!"
by Jen October 15, 2003
A rancid odor your penis gives off after not washing it. Could be the cause of masturbating and not cleaning your penis off afterwards to not washing your penis.
Levi- *takes off pants* "EWWW! I can smell a case of Stinky Pete already!"
by levaisproductions December 15, 2010
To secretly release a fart in an elevator or any enclosed space.
I pulled a stinky-pete on my way up to the fifth floor.

Whoever is the stinky-pete had better cut it out, this is a new car.
by Steve Jobs May 27, 2003
Soiling yourself and using your foot as a plug to block the smell of excrement escaping from your bum
Did you hear about Kane? He had a stinky Pete!
by BowlingShanee August 21, 2013
Shiting yourself while wearing compression shorts.
Stinky Pete shited himself while wearing a compression shorts at football practice.
by Skylar Orlenos November 23, 2011
A losing poker player
He's a real stinkypetes
by diqlessfuq April 06, 2006
Smell of post heterosexual sex without showering. Usually smelled after first poop of the morning, when smell of rotton sewer permates your nose.
I really need to shower, I have a real bad case of stinky-pete.
by klaus pfeffer September 14, 2003

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