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A character on the cartoon SeaLab 2021. Stinky Pete is a seal who says ah cha cha cha...delicious.
"We'll play with our pet seal, Stinky Pete!!"
by Jen October 15, 2003
When have sexual intercourse, a man inserts his penis into a shit stuffed anus, gets shit all over his dick, then inserts it into the vagina. He then will or can insert his shit and cum covered penis into the females mouth.
That bitch pissed me off during the day, so I gave her a Stinky Pete at night. I never kissed her again.
by smawman February 23, 2015
To secretly release a fart in an elevator or any enclosed space.
I pulled a stinky-pete on my way up to the fifth floor.

Whoever is the stinky-pete had better cut it out, this is a new car.
by Steve Jobs May 27, 2003
Soiling yourself and using your foot as a plug to block the smell of excrement escaping from your bum
Did you hear about Kane? He had a stinky Pete!
by BowlingShanee August 21, 2013
Shiting yourself while wearing compression shorts.
Stinky Pete shited himself while wearing a compression shorts at football practice.
by Skylar Orlenos November 23, 2011
Smell of post heterosexual sex without showering. Usually smelled after first poop of the morning, when smell of rotton sewer permates your nose.
I really need to shower, I have a real bad case of stinky-pete.
by klaus pfeffer September 14, 2003
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