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During an evening with family and friends at an Indian restaurant, consume large quantities of spicy Indian food that will be sure to liquefy and ignite your poo. Later on when you are with your loved one and feel that your poo has arrived, there will be a very good chance that you shall fart at the same time. Take careful aim, as the fart will cause the hot liquid poo to rocket out from between your cheeks and splatter into the face of your loved one and the surrounding scenery. Also known as the "Backwards Bukaki."
You: Dear god, a burglar broke into my house recently.
Others: Holy taintstain! Are you all right?
You: Don't worry, I ate much Indian food that night so I gave him the 'ol Stinky Indian Shotgun!
Others: Good job!
You: Yea, he's been in the hospital for three weeks now. Do any of you know a good method for washing poo out of the drapes?
by Ashfak Shnitzelwitz March 23, 2008
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