The 3-to-5-second humorous, funny, or strange movie clip that appears after the end credits of MST3K, starting with episode 205.
Man, that stinger at the end of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank is a riot!
by Zeether October 03, 2010
Synonym for Goatse.
by RezBros March 06, 2003
A fart that comes out of your butthole really fast and tight, sometimes causing some minor bleeding.
person a: zzipppp...owwwwwwww.....

person b: Dude what tha???

person a: O nothing!?!

person b: Sick!!!!The smell of crap and blood!A stinger right?
by justins money July 11, 2006
the nettles, when you touch em they sting you, the stinger is natures way of stopping you walking a trail of destruction in the bush.
ahhh just got stung by a stinger
by paul hinton May 04, 2006
Can really be used in any situation with a negative aspect.
That test was a stinger.
Last night was a stinger.
You a real stinger man.
by larryholmes July 21, 2004
While in the act of masturbation you get yourself to a peeking point when you feel like you might blow your load, then you sit on your thumb right before you blow.
I was totally getting off last night by giving myself the stinger
by bobak-mcpubic`1 June 30, 2009
A hyperdermic needle used for injecting fun things like horse, yayo, and shit.
"My fix is ready muthafucka, hurry up with that stinger so can spike"
by Shweetbox July 16, 2005

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