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Synonym for Goatse.
by RezBros March 06, 2003
2 In The Pink.......
1 In The Stink......
Thumb Working The Throttle
Very hard to perform!
by Anonymous January 13, 2003
A fart that comes out of your butthole really fast and tight, sometimes causing some minor bleeding.
person a: zzipppp...owwwwwwww.....

person b: Dude what tha???

person a: O nothing!?!

person b: Sick!!!!The smell of crap and blood!A stinger right?
by justins money July 11, 2006
While in the act of masturbation you get yourself to a peeking point when you feel like you might blow your load, then you sit on your thumb right before you blow.
I was totally getting off last night by giving myself the stinger
by bobak-mcpubic`1 June 30, 2009
the nettles, when you touch em they sting you, the stinger is natures way of stopping you walking a trail of destruction in the bush.
ahhh just got stung by a stinger
by paul hinton May 04, 2006
Can really be used in any situation with a negative aspect.
That test was a stinger.
Last night was a stinger.
You a real stinger man.
by larryholmes July 21, 2004
A hyperdermic needle used for injecting fun things like horse, yayo, and shit.
"My fix is ready muthafucka, hurry up with that stinger so can spike"
by Shweetbox July 16, 2005