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The 3-to-5-second humorous, funny, or strange movie clip that appears after the end credits of MST3K, starting with episode 205.
Man, that stinger at the end of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank is a riot!
by Zeether October 03, 2010
2 1
slang; for an ecstasy pill.
im going to buy some stingers to get on to for tonight.
by silver surfer shanie July 22, 2008
3 2
Shoulder fired weapon the fires a high speed rocket. Used for shooting down airplanes, helicopters etc.
The US military has stinger missles, but never needs them because America's enemies don't even get the chance to fly their planes. They are blown up on the ground.
by hooper May 16, 2004
8 7
The act of smacking one's erect penis against their partner's mouth, face, or butt-cheek, in order to desensitize the glands, thus delaying ejaculation and prolonging sex.
Dude, I almost blew a premature load inside Amy last night. I pulled it out and gave her a couple of stingers. Added 15 minutes to my time.
by Xavi Err June 28, 2014
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A top bloke with tons of swag, really popular and gets tons of pussy.
Looking good, with your best clothes.
He's such a stinger
That's Stingin mate
by JJGN December 13, 2013
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A Stinger is a very short piece of music that begins and ends within a matter of a few seconds.

Stingers can be used for many purposes (splash screens, logos, highlights, underlining a point), but the most common use of Stingers is in the transition between scenes. Look at an episode of "Friends". Every time the story moves from one location to another, we see a little shot of the new location, and the music plays a "Stinger".
use a music stinger while he enters the stage and walks to podium
by StageGurl October 23, 2012
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A stinger is an abbreviation for a "stage 5 clinger", as referred to in the movie Wedding Crashers.
I'm at the bar, and I've got a stinger on my hands here! Abort! Abort!
by Top Bro in the Wolfpack June 03, 2011
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