A table tennis game consisting of a first to five point set. The loser has to take his shirt off and the winner gets free shots at his back adding up to the amount he/she won buy.
My back still stings from stingers last week, you f'd me up good.
by motza March 23, 2006
A spike strip used to impede or stop the movement of a vehicle by puncturing the tires. Spikes, pointing upwards, are affixed to a pipe or rail. As the vehicle rolls over the spikes, they are punctured.
The police deployed the stinger to stop the criminal in the stolen car.
by Mr.Timber October 31, 2011
Someone who is small, very weak and looks like a baby.
Person A: Have you seen gler's study notes?
Person B: No he was being gay, fucking Stinger.
by Hastinglerberbaby June 08, 2006
Bristolian term for stinging nettles.
When kicking a football as far off the field of play as you can. (Therefore wasting time) Yo might say 'pick 'ee out the stingers'
by Stew March 31, 2005
Similar to the well known shocker. Except it is two in the stink, one in the pink.
If the shocker won't do it, the stinger will.

Stingers for life!
by Tim December 28, 2004
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