type of extendable mechanical device usewd by police for puncturing the tyres of a speeding car during a car chase
I swerved right round the stinger
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
Top Definition
Prison Term

Device used to heat water.

Since hot water can be used as a weapon it is not allowed in many prison settings. Some prisons may have hot water in the day-room but it is not allowed in the cells.

Inmates will connect two wires from any source, TV plugs headphones or even handmade wire from aluminum foil to any 2 separated metal objects, usually metal-plates. By connecting the two wires to the outlet and dropping the stinger in the water the AC current will pass through the water heating it up. It is possible to boil water and with some practice inmates can even make candy with ingredients smuggled out of the culinary.

Sometimes a poorly made stinger will trip the circuit breaker for an entire tier or block causing discontent for both inmates as well as correctional officers.

Stingers are considered contraband in the prison system.
I was gonna make the Top Ramon Noodles I got from commissary but the cop confiscated my stinger.
#hot water #prison #striker #soup #noodels
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
Temporary pain in the Neck/Head/Chest area of someone, normally used in professional wrestling, and football, after a hard hit.
Bill "Damn, my neck is killing me"

Ted"Don't worry, its probably just a stinger, it'll go away"
#stingers #sting #pain #sharp #trauma
by Shelton Benjamin November 23, 2006
Film Industry slang term for an electrical extension cord.
I need a 50 foot stinger to run power to VTR on a separate circuit.
by joemorf January 19, 2004
stage 5 clinger
wow that chick is a stinger
#clinger #stage 5 #ways #chate #dusty
by DJGK October 18, 2010
Hits from a bong. Rarely used in the singular form.
Matt, it's the stingers that keep me going, dude.
by beelzebubba May 21, 2005
An overpoweringly pungent bowel movement that has the abilty to climb stairs and linger for hours. Air freshener will only increase the unpleasant aroma.
My roomate dropped a nasty stinger this morning beofre he went to work. When I got up at noon the place still smelled like a Turkish prison.
#poop #bm #bowel movement #turd #deuce #toilet #fart
by The Real Tron 12345 November 24, 2008
A member of the opposite sex with malicious intent, who uses their engendered charms to beguile their chosen (actively or passively) victim.

A group of stingers may coordinate in 'sting operations'.
She is a Mad Stinger.

They'll sting you here (heart) and they'll sting you here (crotch/wallet), they'll nick ya smokes and drink ya beer.

What a manky stinger.
#player #succubus #vampire #wasp #bee #blue bottles #redbacks #king
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