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A fizzy drink that has lost it's fizz, but is still desirable due to it's sweet and often fruity taste.

Usually drank chilled with ice.
Becky: "I'm gagging for a stilly."

Paul: "We only bought the cola yesterday, it's not a stilly yet."

Becky: "Shit, I wish you could buy stilly's."
by needlesstosay October 30, 2010
Combining the words Stupid + Silly
That chick is straight stilly.
by th3m0nk October 14, 2005
Another retarded redneck way of saying Stillwater(a town full of fags). This is why OU gets all the glory b/c OSU fans are too retarded to pronounce and spell Stillwater correctly. Another retarded inbred redneck way of saying "Mustang" is "Stang." It has been proven that rednecks in Oklahoma love smoking meth with their trailer trash mom(s). Hence, this results in an extremely low IQ.
Person1: I'm going back to Stilly tonight.
Person2: It's Stillwater you fucking dumbass.
by rsswlsn May 09, 2009
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