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A large gang, quickly growing in number in the Northeastern section of Philadelphia. It is someone who currently or formally resided on Stiles Street. Once a Stiles Street Snake always a Stiles Street Snake. They are called a snake because they are sneaky and can't be trusted by anyone who is not a fellow snake. People have been know to "snake" a Stiles Street Snake, those people have never been seen again. Stiles Street Snakes are involved in all types of illegal activity from, prostitution all the way to drug trafficking .Stiles Street Snakes ride and die for each other. One of the most dangerous gangs in the United States. The gang sign is usually made with their hands to for a "S". Stiles Street Snakes can be shortened to S³.
Those Stiles Street Snakes are crazy and ruthless, no one should dare mess with them!
#snakes #stiles street #s #styles #snake #gangs
by Fellow Snake March 16, 2011
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