The best punk band the world has ever produced.
Flags and Emblems / Hanx / Nobodies Heros... etc.
by Black Flag February 10, 2004
Top Definition
AMAZING IRISH PUNK BAND!!!!!!! sometimes referred to as the "Irish Clash". Very political, and very talented! AMAZING BAND
Some Stiff Little Fingers' songs are Nobody's Heroes, Suspect Device, and the Silver Lining
by clashcityrocker January 22, 2004
Great Irish punk band. Many wonderful songs about English colonization in Northern Ireland. "Alternative Ulster" is the best song in the world.
Stiff Little Fingers rocks
by Leandro October 26, 2004
When falling asleep while fingering a girl (usually drunk) and your finger is left in the entire night.
"Cor blimey, I have a stiff little finger this golden morn."
by 9A Slang October 29, 2008
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