In amtgard, the reference to one's fighting ability.
Guy 1: Which one do we take for our team?

Guy 2: Take the healer in the blue, I saw him ditching
the other day, and hes got serious stick.
by Cinomed May 13, 2006
another way of saying you goin to have sex
yo amy is goin to stick yo cousin?
by Krueger February 20, 2005
v. Southern/gangster term meaning to punch or hit.
Ayo cuh, if ya'll keep trippin I'm gon stick ya'll nigguhs in yo face
by SteveB December 19, 2004
slang for snowboard.
cash stick dog, how'd ya score dat?
by simsjim November 10, 2004
1. to leave, exit
2. to remove something from somewhere
3. to move at a fast rate of speed
1.-This place sucks - I'm gonna stick.
-Sav is a douchebag - he needs to stick.

2.-Stick that booger.
-Stick that fat bastard from my barbecue.
-that fuckin asshole stuck all my glogs

3.-"look at those zogs sticking with the TV's"
-the sheep tend to stick when Bubba shows up.
by Marv November 08, 2004
A two dimmensional figure that lives in Stick World. All the sticks are supposed to worship Pujeebus, but some go to the dark side and worship Manasa. These sticks are converted into sporks. The faithful sticks, who are eventually destroyed by another stick, are converted into new sticks. This is achieved by a Stick Recycling Plant. Pisky Mo, and his cat, Firsky, pick up the spent sticks and dump them into the recyling plant. The plant then makes stick babies. A stick baby learns the art of violence by age 2, at which point it turns three and loses it's baby-feet.
A stick that's alive is a stick that hasn't lived very long at all.
by 343GS September 28, 2003
I like your stick
by ilikesticks July 10, 2003

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