Commonly used to describe a bag of weed sold in a little bag, for $25 or $50. Mostly used in Western Australia and other parts of Australia.
"Hey mate, have you got any sticks for sale?"
by Marky P January 16, 2005
a car, usually refers to a manual transmission vehicle (stick shift)
i just learned how to drive stick
by unknown April 03, 2004
A Device used to controll what is going on in a video game
Xbox Controller, PS2 Controller,
by Sniper July 17, 2003
I like your stick
by ilikesticks July 10, 2003
1. Branch from a tree
2. Small deal of weed
Hey i throw my boomerang, it didnt come back.
Thats no boomerang mate, thats a stick!
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
A stick is another word for our protective latex or sheepskin condom mans best friend for helping the population stop increasing and the transmission of sti's .

Comes in all colours, flavours and with ribbed dots for added pleasure, they stop people from getting pregnant and either men or women can provide them for themselves or their partner!!!!
Get and stick it if you want a ticket
by Footballstar13 July 13, 2014
A 2mg xanax bar. Usually used in Staten Island NYC area. Also are called bars. The names are used for the xanax pills that are rectangular shape and they look like a stick or a bar....
Drug user: yo wattupp you got sticks or bars for sale?
Dealer: yeaa, i dont do no deal ther 5 each.
Drug user: cmon man lemme get 5 for 20 i copp of you all the time.
Dealer: aiight i got you this time man but stop asking me for deals yoo.
Drug user: i got you mannn ill hook you up next time.
Dealer: here, take these, hit me up....
by Yaddro February 14, 2012

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