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A 2mg xanax bar. Usually used in Staten Island NYC area. Also are called bars. The names are used for the xanax pills that are rectangular shape and they look like a stick or a bar....
Drug user: yo wattupp you got sticks or bars for sale?
Dealer: yeaa, i dont do no deal ther 5 each.
Drug user: cmon man lemme get 5 for 20 i copp of you all the time.
Dealer: aiight i got you this time man but stop asking me for deals yoo.
Drug user: i got you mannn ill hook you up next time.
Dealer: here, take these, hit me up....
by Yaddro February 14, 2012
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One cigarette
Hey man, you have a stick I can bum off you?
by spizle February 01, 2012
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One who is awesome
"Yeah. He's pretty cool."
"Cool?! He's a stick!"
by SingEnrique January 20, 2010
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Can be used to describe denominations of 1,000. $1,000 equals one stick. Often used by gamblers to avoid speaking of the actual dollar amount of their bet.
"I put down a stick on the Packers and they did not cover the spread!"
by WeatherMess October 17, 2009
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another word for "sketchy"
"Dude you should make a defintion for stick for urban dictionary huh? Nah Mike stop being so stick."

"Dont be so stick."

"Your such a stickball."
by naomi! October 23, 2006
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skateboard or any board that can bang tricks
nice stick...can you bang any tricks with it?
by KARI3478 August 31, 2006
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In amtgard, the reference to one's fighting ability.
Guy 1: Which one do we take for our team?

Guy 2: Take the healer in the blue, I saw him ditching
the other day, and hes got serious stick.
by Cinomed May 13, 2006
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