Glowsticks, such as those used for camping. "Sticks" is used to describe dancing with the lightsticks.
I don't breakdance, but I do use the sticks.
by ArsonPerBuilding July 05, 2003
fingering the fuck out of a babe
after she jacked me off, it was only fair to recieve sticks
by Martinez March 20, 2007
The Evil Overlord of #overclockers
1) *** INerTIal has been kicked off channel #overclockers by Sticks ( Oh look - Another dickhead looking for the exit... )
2) <Sticks> you're right Agg - why argue when I can ban....
3) *** eth has been kicked off channel #overclockers by Sticks ( You woke me )
by anonymous February 06, 2005
i) Kick

ii) Ban
"You were kicked from #overclockers"

"#overclockers: You cannot join this channel, your banned.
by Anonymous May 26, 2003
Crayons, usually a classic crayola 8 pack
Yo I'm packin mad sticks, imma put down mad wax in a minute.
by veejay June 04, 2005
A controller pertaining to any video game console
Yo you ass my dude i got next on the sticks
by YungSavo42 March 15, 2015
A cigarillo or blunt wrap to roll weed with
Yo man pick up some sticks on your way so we can get blunted
by Coloradoweedhomie January 27, 2015

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