A goofy looking, hump-backed individual, that resembles Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, except with less athletic ability.
Yo, you alright today? That Stew got you looking like a ghetto quasimodo!
#posture #quasimodo #mr. burns #hump-back #wigger
by Hozay23 August 23, 2010
Top Definition

Let's be real here people, you talk about it all the time, and you need codewords for it sometimes. Say stew, not beer. It even sounds ridiculous (see below).
"Let's pound stews."

"I need a stew."

OR use it as an adjective or verb

"I'm stewed."

"Let's stew."
#beer #liquor #alcohol #bud #sam adams
by RivStew August 22, 2008
When a man sticks his dick and a woman and just kinda leaves it there. No thrusting or movement of any kind.
- "I thought Mormons couldn't have premarital sex."

- "They didn't.. They just kinda stewed. They said that was ok."
#stewing #stewed #sex #mormons #premarital
by frprtz June 22, 2010
Faeces, the type where it's watery and has chunks in.
I stewed my pants

When did you last have stew in your pants?

I need a stew
#poo #shit #faeces #stu #crap
by Stewy Pid May 18, 2009
lets go crush some stews tonite at the party kid.

yea son, im bout to go grab a packie
#beer #drink #booze #reeb #east milton
by jacorrey Lewis December 05, 2011
1) A beautiful human being who will always be there for you and give you the greatest hugs in the entire world. One of the most honest and hard working people I have ever met. Someone who tells great stories and can light up a room just by being in it.
2) A fluffy red haired bunny that you can't help but cuddle with.
I was having a bad day, but then I got a Stew hug and then everything was much better.
#synonyms: glorious #sensual #kind #lovable antonyms: evil #mean-spirited #prickly
by A Stew Fan December 13, 2010
When one leaves a shit and piss in the toilet for the next person to view and deal with.
Oh My God! Somebody left their stew.
Somebody stewed all over the place
#stew #shit #piss #toilet #gross
by Yeemyster March 06, 2010
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