The living God of No Selling, Steven Seagal has never been injured in any movie he has starred in. If you were to use it as an adjective, it would describe a situation were you were expected to get hurt, but came out without a scratch.
Person 1: "Whoa, you just Steven Seagalled that Car Wreck. It looks like everyone else involved is dead."
Person 2: "That's because I am Steven Seagal." (Breaks Person 1's Neck)
by Big E to the Z November 30, 2006
An actor who is funnier to use in "Chuck Norris jokes" instead of Chuck Norris simply beacause the fact of that he is more awesome.

He is good friends with Jackie Chan.
He speaks fluent japanese
He is an Aikido master of 7th dan.
He owns a dojo in japan.
He is almost always seen in a ponytail.
He is the greatest man alive.

Besides making badass action movies, Steven Seagal also plays the guitar and sings. And of course he's in a band.
Steven Seagal doesn't care what time it is, he decides what time it is.

Everytime boogieman goes to sleep he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris, however every time Chuck Norris goes to bed he checks his under his bed, inside his closet, outside his window, in the living room, kitchen and in his garage for Steven Seagall.

Steven Seagal: The secret is not to act, but to be.
by Kniv April 15, 2009
When you shit in a white tube sock and then proceed to recklessly beat people with it like Steven Seagal in his prime.
Will burst out of the water closet and proceeded to Steven Seagal Jacob, leaving a trail of feces behind him.
by Butt-Fart Jackson October 13, 2011
Fat, out of shape actor who has trouble speaking because of his fat face. Moves hands a lot when he has to fight. Fights in films don't last long because he tires very quickly
A line from any steven seagal movie

Villian: Ha Ha My plan is almost complete
Seagal: mmm mmmmm mm mm huuuh mmm huuuhhh mmm huuhhh

Seagal proceeds to beat up villian very slowly
by ric flair August 08, 2006
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