1.) The diarrhea one gets from drinking too much coffee.

2.) Flavoring ones coffee with diarrhea.
1.) I shouldn't have drank that 8 shot eye-opener from the coffee shop, I got some bad Steveland Creamer.

2.) Tomorrow my boss is getting his coffee with a nutty hint of Steveland Creamer.
by TheMaimMan September 03, 2012
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Named after famed hip-hop R&B artist, Stevie Wonder (Stevland Hardaway Morris), the Steveland Creamer is when a man ejaculates on a woman's eyes, rendering her temporarily blind.
"Damn that guy I went home with last night totally pulled a Steveland Creamer on me, I couldn't see for 10 minutes!"
by BalderdashBrewer November 11, 2013
The act of jizzing into a scalding hot cup of tea and throwing it on one's significant other during sexual intercourse.
Enter Callum

Callum: Hey, how's it going?

Chardonnay: U fuckin' wot m8? I'll shank yer Nan out front Tesco. I'll fuk her up, u fuckin' CANT. I'll give 'er a steveland creamer.

Callum: . . .Oh, okay then. Good talk . . .
by Kaerindael December 18, 2014

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