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When you put an iPhone on vibrate, place it between a girl's legs, and call it until she cums.
Susan won't do anal, but she loves Steve Jobs.
by Laurenmtsk September 13, 2013
The act of performing oral sex while the giver is wearing a black mock-turtle neck. Similar to the style worn by Mr. Steve Jobs.
Jackie really wanted to show Ryan she loved him, so for Valentines day she bought a nice new mock-neck and gave him a Steve Job.
by MockNeckMertle February 09, 2011
An innovator who helped invent one of the worlds largest and most wallet snatching companies of all time. Purposefully left things out of products so people would buy the next product. A business move still common in the company today. Steve also revolutionized the world. Criticized by many, he died being hated by PC and Linux lovers all over the world. Hundreds cried over his death. Many who made jokes about him stfu'd or made death jokes to have a laugh at his demise. He may have been able to rob you blind, but he innovated that market fOr many to keep the ball rolling. R.I.P.
No example, except that steve is the reason I learned how to type. I grew up around macs, and people made fun of me for it and called me apple boy. When the ipad came out, they all wanted to look at it. I finally had something they didn't. Thank you jobs. I am writing this on an ipad, so it is kind of symbolic. Steve jobs, I thank you
by the_underachiever October 21, 2012
When someone tells you or shows you something so brilliant and innovative that it almost makes you come (figuratively speaking), you just got a steve job.

Can also imply a job involving a lot of free, open innovative and creative thinking, where you get to talk about cool tech stuff and design all day.
Example 1:
John: Man, I just read and amazing innovative article on Wired Magazine. Best Steve Job ever! I totally blew my load all over my Magic Mouse!
Ben: Awesome... I came too

Example 2:
Ben: My job consists of brainstorming and innovating all day.
John: A real Steve Job?
Ben: Yes.
by Nis & Isak June 09, 2010
To stare intently at someone with your hands folded in front of your body until they do what you want.
Sister: Can you pour me cereal?
Brother: (no response)
Sister: (starts to intellectually stare and folds her hands across her body)
Brother: What are you doing?
Sister: Steve Jobsing you.
by NJ Education Student October 25, 2011
The act of committing hari kari over an announcement that results in utter disappointment and faggotry.
Bob: "Did you hear what Maria's father did last night after asshat Mr. Mcgoo asked her to marry him?"

Ben: "Herpity Derpity, why no Bob what happened!?"

Bob: "He pulled a Steve Jobs!"
by nugirt October 06, 2011
Steve Jobs was a technological whizz who defined gadgets in a go go gadget apple kinda way. His demise to cancer comes at a time when America is reeling from stubborn growth and lack of jobs thus serving America a 'no jobs' double whammy.

This provoked an article by A N Wilson that disputes Jobs as a genius which follows the thinking that he wasn't the inventor of computers, who actualy was the Morse code inventor which on a closer than close inventor look, was the alleged wrestling loser back in 16th century who had to tap to send a message he's out.

His demise then led to a second argumentation that hypes and misconceptions of the masses are sometimes too naive or brash for the sake of marketing ie. money. Left unchecked, next thing world knows is the idea that God have a daughter in addition, to be fair, which does not consider the contentious point in first place. Of course the disputed point is not whether God has one balls or other imperfections that render God unable to have a female offspring.
In all, Jobs worked himself and others to the ground yet people are non the wiser though they have the perceptions of being the wisest. Kindly solve your trillions dollar deficit without stealing other people's ideas which should eradicate sins like poverty if you are all the wisest and geniuses.
Dude 1.5: Bro, that A N Wilson post on Steve Jobs could well be a pre script from Jobs himself considering he knew he's got some dusts to byte.
Bro 1.5 : Yea dude. Let's see if that article is partially bitten.
Sizler 1.5 : Yo bro dude. Get out of my way if you don't wana get sizzled. The biggy co.s should get the PR officers that matches their founder's definition of great inventions in use in the right order. Doesn't make me a genius, does it? Those gweeks (gw that thing that comes out ur back), genius wanna be's, really should check if their heads are screwed on right.
by Zullo24 October 07, 2011