The act of getting fucked for paying too much for an Apple product.
Oh man, Larry just got a steve job from that girl at the Apple Store- she made him buy two iPods.
#apple #sex acts #blow job #steve jobs #steve job
by JustinIsNotCool February 04, 2009
The moron who created Apple Computers, the computers for retards who don't understand how to use a goddamn PC, because they're so stupid that they think Macs are better because they look all pretty but in reality do jack shit. He is also responsible for Macs lack of a right click on the mouse, seriously WTF is up with that?
I wish to destroy Steve Jobs.
#apple #mac #pc #bill gates #computer
by Julian Mark Peter Bungard December 01, 2007
The ritual of taking an apple, and while still in the palm of your hands, shove your arm up your partner's anus all the way up to the shoulders. Once reached as far as the arm can go, release the apple, and pull your hand back out. If done properly, the apple should be securely planted in the partner's stomach.
"Boy, im still full from that steve job Tim gave me yesterday"
"Boy, im still full from that steve job Tim gave me yesterday"
#steve #job #steve jobs #apple #steve apple
by baggage6040 November 19, 2011
The god of a cult. You have to sacrifice baby goats, while you wear a hat, and you throw it into a trash can. Steve Jobs will get it in the night and then he will feed your family.

Steve jobs is almighty and he FEEDS YOUR FAMILY!

All who aren't with steve jobs are fountain logic thinkers.
Steve Jobs is my life, and he gives me good food.
#cult #baby goats #trash #religion #philosophy
by Burninjoker December 15, 2010
To perform oral sex in a computer chair or in the proximity of a computer.
"Dude Venezia totally wants to give Ben a steve job."
#foot job #blow job #hand job #iphone #ipod #bill gates #steve jobs
by Chiens May 26, 2008
Male masterbation using a hollowed out apple.
Dude, whered my apple go? Please don't tell me you Steve jobsed with it!
#steve #jobs #apple #masterbate #masterbation
by Jacquarda May 13, 2012
Similar to a lawlsuit, when an individual or corporation gets sued in an unfair or frivolous manner, he is said to have gotten a stevejob.
A: "Did you hear? Apple is suing HTC for violating over 20 patents even though it's technically Google who infringed with their Android OS!"

B: "Man, Apple's giving HTC one helluva stevejob."
#blowjob #handjob #steve jobs #lawlsuit #stevejobs
by ckoowh March 06, 2010
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