The act of getting a blow job or rim job while playing Iphone games and/or on a Mac computer.
Bro 1: Dude I hear Kaitlin gave you a sick steve job last night is that true?

Bro 2: Yea man, I finished the entire campaign of angry brids durring it too!
by THE Steve Job Extradinaire October 07, 2011


(To reach, or be brought to) a heightened state of excitement and/or delight from a gadget or electronic device of sorts. Usually in referral to, but not limited to, Apple products.
"The iPad gave me the most amazing stevejob and iCame all over the place."
by quayzon May 06, 2010
A type of foreplay involving a turtleneck and multiple Apple devices. All set to vibrate. Unisex.
"yo that girl gave me half a Steve Job last night but we couldn't finish cuz my phone died"

"I totally Steve Jobs'd that girl the other day"
by steve lol February 17, 2013
when an apple fan pleasures themself, or apple fan is carrying on about apple products
Oh look, John is giving himself a stevejob
by brampton78 October 10, 2011
when you get a blow job while on a computer or using any apple device
dude, i got a steve job last night while i was playing wow
i recieved a steve job when i was listening to my ipod.
by Tbombz, Chazbear, & Sandy October 11, 2011
A handjob given with Apple products.
Guy 1: Last night Trisha came over. I wanted her to go downtown on me but instead she gave me a stevejob.

Guy 2: Sounds expensive...

Guy 1: It was... but now I feel so hip!
by navybluejeans January 05, 2012
The act of jerking someone off with an apple
She didn't want to touch his junk but she felt bad for him so she gave him a Steve Job instead.
by michael dickless April 09, 2015

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