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The realization that you spend far too much time on a meaningless internet forum, instead of focusing on the things in your life that matter most.
Wow, I'm feeling sterned right now. I need to reexamine my priorities!
by Stern Lover March 19, 2008
Like owned or pwned, but only useable in a political context. Used when you have achieved victory in an (often online) political debate.

Common misspellings such as "Sternt", "Sternd" and "Sternz0red" are also acceptable.
Winner One : "OMFG, Sterned biyatch"
Winner Two : "Yeah, u got sternt lol"
by Beerdude26 February 15, 2006
a situation in which no matter what you do you can't get that last piece of shit out of your ass.
I missed the concert because I got sterned for 2 hours.
by jefortuno March 13, 2006
the act of getting extremely drunk and not remembering half of the night
We sterned it up last night
by mizswm November 15, 2010