A cool guy from a popular gaming forum known as NextGenUpdate. Is from Canada so you know he is cool. ALl the girls drop dead for him so they can get a piece of him. Likes to troll non-premiums with xXcaliburXx539. More than straight guy!
Did you see that Sterg, he is so cool!

Dude 1: That guy is a fag
Dude 2: No he is a Sterg, you wouldn't know because you are non-premium
by xXcaliburXx539 July 31, 2012
Top Definition
A nickname for the nicest person ever with just a little bit of craziness. Sterg is usually a very relaxed guy that knows how to have fun, never looses his cool, can practically get away with murder since nobody can ever get mad at him.
Girl 1: Who's Sterg?
Girl 2: OMG like only the best guy ever. He's like gods gift to women!
by aswertyhbfdesd November 24, 2011
someone who is a big dick with a little dick
Luke is such a sterg.
A guy who rapes little boys up the bum hole and the belly button. He has also been know as GrimPenisRapeAlot ;D

Luv ya Sterg
Penis Sterg
by howcoolisthis November 24, 2011
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