One of the worst women ever to exist.

You can't write a book without going through some kind of process. Stephenie Meyer had a dream and wrote it down. There was no research, no drafts, and no effort. Her characters are two dimensional, not relatable, and the main character has no personality.

A book isn't original when it's the oldest love story to have ever existed. Not only is it a bad copy of Romeo and Juliet, it's also a bad copy of Buffy and Angel.

Stephenie Meyer beat the meaning of women's rights over the head with a big stick over and over again until it was just laying there twitching. Stephenie Meyer refuses to let Bella help herself and learn to fight for her life. So instead she has Edward and Jacob save Bella's ass every time a vampire comes their way. Stephenie Meyer dug up the idea that females are dumb and can't do crap on their own.

The Twilight books have spawned an evil race of females called Twihards. Twihards tend to have the spelling skills of a carrot, don't know good literature, and are under the impression that vampires are sparkly douchebags. They will usually defend Stephenie Meyer to the death although their only comeback is "Go fook urself bich!"

Stephenie Meyer has such thin skin she can't even take criticism. Stephenie Meyer has her own brother filter out her hate mail that way she only reads emails from her rabid fangirls. She doesn't know the meaning of having flaws and doesn't understand that more people hate her than look up to her.
Twihard: OMG STEPHENIE MEYER IS SOOOOO AMAEZING@!!! Vapyres spracklig is genus!!/ All u haturz can bakk off cuz imma use meh vampye powers on u!!!! Twilit gav m vampir powerz!!

Real vampire fan: Have you seen Let Me In? It's one of my favorite movies so far!
Real vampire fan #2: Yeah, it was good, but the original is better.
by BuffyTheSlayer38765233 October 26, 2011
Top Definition
A thesaurus-raping whore who writes with the skill of a 13 year old teenybopper with an addiction to Quizilla.
Words Stephenie Meyer has ruined include:

etc. . .
by Sympilton September 15, 2008
Possibly one of the worst writers I've ever heard of. She is the author of a bestselling series called "Twilight" that was turned in to an extremely corny and poorly acted movie that was actually rather hilarious.

Read the first page of Twilight and you can tell that she uses a Thesaurus to replace boring words with random, non-flowing fluffy ones.

Her books also have no purpose what so ever though I will admit they are mildly entertaining especial if you read them to find their cheesiness.

The Vampire Academy is a really good modern vampire story (IMO) that you can read instead
Twilight Fangal- OMFG Stephenie Meyer is AH-MAZ-ING!
Me- Ugh Twilight was one of the most poorly written books ever.
Twilight Fangal- NO IT WAS NOT! LOOK @ TAHT GR8 VOCAB!
Me- If she HAD to use a thesaurus she should have at least made it sound more natural. *Burns book in disgust*
by SGOS January 01, 2009
A professional fan fiction writer
Interview with Stephenie Meyer:

Q: So Stephenie, many fans are disappointed with Breaking Dawn. Tell us, what influenced some of the ideas present there?
A: Well, I decided to take 20 of my most favorite twilight fan fiction and compile them all into one story!!
by twilight?um...eww January 08, 2009
The author that has made the most epic fail in the history of English Literature.

Fail example 1: Vampires with no fangs and can sparkle in direct sunlight.

Fail example 2: No plot. No climax, only a build up of tension then nothing.

Fail example 3: Pedophilia between a baby hybrid vampire that "ages quickly" and a "shape-shifter" or "werewolf".


Fail example 4: The whole characters seem similar to those of Charline Harris.
Twilighter #1: Lyk OMG! Edward Cullen is so great! These books are great! Stephenie Meyer iz great!

Twilighter #2: I kno rite! Im edumacated 4 readin such big books!!!! I wish he was real! Why did you do this 2 us Stephenie Meyer!! No ill nevr find a guy!!

Twilighter #3: I poured sparkles on all the guys in out class! YAY!

Twilighter #4: Thank god 4 Stephenie Meyer! Without her we would have died!!!!

.... It goes on and on and on....
by xxcool-kidxx February 25, 2009
The worst "author" literature has ever seen. The creator of the Twilight saga in which the main character allows herself to be controlled and abused by her boyfriend. This is considered by fans as a "romance".
"Bella, you are not to see your best friend Jacob because I'm insecure and jealous of him." "Okay Edward, I'll abandon all my friends and family for you. You're better than them because you're pretty."

*Twitards swoon* "We love Stephenie Meyer!"
by MadeiraCakeForLife July 09, 2009
A Stephenie Meyer is an egotistical, bored housewife who dreams up disturbing fantasies (some that could even be considered illegal) and makes lots of cash from it. There will be many (mostly illiterature and retarded) devotees of a SM's propaganda, and then there will be the more intelligent Anti-SMs. SMs generally write/talk about drivel that will go on for a long time, and some people will even consider the works of a SM quality fiction.
A Stephenie Meyer: Omg! Did u read my skript, init awsum!!! the main guyzzz soooo hawt!

Me: Can I be honest with you? It kinda sucked.

by Light and Takori-senpai May 01, 2009
see pedophile
the other day i was chillen with my little brother and stephenie meyer like kidnapped him and raped him
by talking space monkeys August 13, 2008
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