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Stephen Fry, born August 24 1957, is a marvellously talented actor, writer and everything else, and general National Treasure. He is vastly knowledgeable and interesting, often spouting facts and quotes. He's appeared in such television programmes as QI, Blackadder, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, and Jeeves and Wooster. He is known for collaborating with his best friend and generally good chap Hugh Laurie, perhaps more widely-known as House M.D., in the latter three programmes. He is a published author and has a published autobiography entitled "Moab is My Washpot", and has also directed.
All-over good egg, loved by many Stephen Fry is quite a man. He's really tall too.
"Stephen Fry! What Ho!"
"Hello! Did you know that Hello was a word invented by Thomas Edison?"
"By jove Stephen, no I didn't! You are one handsomly intelligent creature!"
"Why thankyou Fred."
by Jop mcFopp August 24, 2007
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Look its Stephen Fry, England's finest national treasure.
by bobibob October 30, 2006
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