The greatest scientist this world has ever known. Born January 8, 1942. He is especially famous for his book "A Brief History of Time," published in 1988, which became a bestseller. Hawking is a physicist especially known for his work on black holes.

He currently is the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. This post was also held by Sir Isaac Newton.

Stephen Hawking's genius becomes even more amazing when seen beside his disability. Lou Gehrig's Disease has left him tetraplegic and only able to be mobile with a highly advanced wheelchair.

Hawking has a great sense of humor and even engages in bets and jokes with others, never letting his disability become a damper on his talent.
I hope someday I'll be a theoretical physicist like Stephen Hawking.

I think that Stephen Hawking deserves a Nobel Prize. Proof? Who needs proof?!
by An aspiring physicist April 10, 2006
Top Definition
Stephen Hawking is a physicist who is considered the best since Einstein and Newton. He is also an atheist prompting many mindless atheist nuts to use arguments from authority. It's obvious why a man like Stephen Hawking is an atheist. It's not intellect that encourages him. It's emotion stemmed from the condition he suffers. You can see that this is the case when an otherwise intelligent man uses a evidenceless hypothesis (multiverse which is science fiction) to advocate atheism. Unfortunately many atheists now use arguments from authority by asserting that because Hawking is an atheist, it must be correct.
Stephen Hawking, an otherwise great scientist whose emotion caused him to put his faith in an evidenceless hypothesis to explain the origin of the universe.
by Skialian January 08, 2014
The act of lying around and being so lazy that your body and neck get all contorted on bed or couch, and you drink with a straw just not to move your arms
Dude, I'm so lazy I'll spend the whole weekend stephenhawking on the couch!
by P_gm November 14, 2014
A sex move; under the same vane as the ever popular "salty pirate" or "angry dragon". Derived from Stephen Hawking's book title "A Brief History Of Time; from the big bang to black holes". First, you are banging a chick from behind (the big bang), then, just as you are about to milky way, you transfer to said black hole and recite the following phrase...."A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME!!!". executed correctly, and she will reply with "What?". And that is the Stephen Hawking!!
Your girlfriend. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME "Stephen Hawking"
by Salty pirate aka Stephen H. March 05, 2012
The act of defecating for so long that ones legs become immobile and useless, whilst simultaneously using a cell phone during said defecation, for so long that ones neck becomes cramped and bent to the side, so that at the end of the period of defecation, one needs a wheelchair to leave the lavatory and will resemble the physicist Stephen Hawking.
"Dude I was taking a dump so long I came outta there looking like Stephen Hawking"

"Bro this dump could end up being a Stephen Hawking"
by Hawkingaloogie September 30, 2014
A term for extremely rough intercourse. In such cases that a Stephen Hawking has occurred, the woman can not walk for several days and must leave the building in a wheelchair.
Last night I took Amber back to my place and gave her a Stephen Hawking. She won't walk for a week.
by Calimar June 28, 2010
Cocktail, of such potent voracity it is known to render the consumer slack faced, unable to enunciate and generally in need of personal one on one care.

Must be served in a traditional dimpled English 'Pint Pot'

The Stephen Hawking is a base of mixed spirits :- Whisky, Gin, Malibu, Vodka. To serve you must up-end three bottles of alcopops (Smirnof Mule, White Lightening, WKD etc.) into the pot and let them syphon out as you consume the lot through a pink straw.

You'll be no closer to being a brillant astro and theoretical physicist but in every other aspect you'll be indistinguishable from the great man himself.
He was shitfaced after just one Stephen Hawking.

One Stephen Hawking is enough to put a lesser man in a coma.

On balance, it would be a bad idea for the Stephen Hawking to have a Stephen Hawking
by Linnetfan November 04, 2011
The spaz in a wheelchair i laughed at during science.
I may not be smarter than Stephen Hawkings but at least i can move.
by Apumar April 23, 2008
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