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Stephanie brings out the best in me, it was destiny the first day shes addressin me and the next day shes undressin me, ever since has been impressin me and im never questioning how i feel about you stephanie...bam off the top of my head just like that. for you babe.
No example could do justice to Stephanie
by Jeremy Steingold February 05, 2010
195 112
An amazing and wonderful girl that is truely great! She can steal your heart but trust me, there would be no complaining. "Freaky" and totaly sexy and she has beautiful bedroom blue eyes.
Stephanie is a super sexy and "Freaky" and wonderful girl and i am glad she stole my heart.
by C. Dirk Salas March 18, 2007
367 285
She's SO hot, she's a Stephanie.
by Macksss March 24, 2010
157 77
A loving girl who loves to laugh and have fun, she's also very caring towards her friends and family. She's gorgeous, even though she won't admit it. Everyone loves her. She has a soft spot for animals, too.
She can be the most loyal girlfriend you've ever had, and wouldn't cheat with you for anyone else. She is also the bestest friend that can help you with any problem you have. She's a great listener, and won't be afraid to defend a friend when the time is needed. She's smart when she wants to be, and retarded other times.

She is very innocent, and it would be hard to ruin it for her.

A Stephanie is a very unique and artistic type of girl. She loves reading and writing and music. Her happiness can be so genuine, you can't help but laugh along and be happy with her.
If you have a Stephanie as a friend or girlfriend, you're very lucky, and you shouldn't let her go.

I love you Stephanie forever. I would never leave you. You're the only one I need in this world to live ;
Damn! That girl over there must be a Stephanie!

Stop being such a b***h and act more like a Stephanie!
by JamesLovesStephanie [; January 17, 2011
122 45
The most interesting and fun girl on this or any other planet. She is beautiful and intelligent no matter the situation, and she would gladly help anyone who really needed it. A Stephanie is the type of person who would also behave impulsively, and while that would sometimes prove troublesome, her personality makes it work very well. A great match for a Taylor (male)!
You're so lucky, dude. Your girl is a Stephanie!
by ImpulseDriven November 23, 2010
114 55
An incredible girl. She proves to be an amazing friend that always knows what to say to help the ones she cares about. She is patient and caring, the perfect best friend. You can't forget her amazing sense of humor. She always laughs at the dirty and cheeky jokes and especially the cheesy puns. She is a little quirky, in a cute addictive way though. Stephanie's go for the nice guys and are willing to wait for the right guy to come along. Guys with the letters R, J, H, and L always seem to be attracted to her. A Stephanie's eyes can see things others cannot. They are excellent at reading people and have the ability to see straight into your soul. Her smile is amazing and genuine and very kissable. Stephanie's have something special about them, they have a way of being the cutest person you know but also know exactly how to handle a guy and what to do with one too. If you find the right Stephanie, don't ever let her go.
Stephanie was an amazing kisser, she new exactly what to do.
by A lucky guy November 25, 2012
63 9
a goddess, artistic, powerful, strong woman, often very tattoed
That girl is sooooo stephanie!
by bigmanatee February 02, 2010
183 132