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An author who deserves an award, probably because of the fact that she has brainwashed the most teenage girls in the smallest amount of time.

Readers of her books a.k.a. the Twilight series our often arrogant to how annoying it is to talk about the book. Most boyfriends don't want to hear about how Edward is so great and sexy, etc.
(Phone Conversation)
Me: So how was Valentine's Day?
Her: Good, but if would have been better if you were Edward...
Me: wtf?
Her:babbles on for hours not realizing how annoying it is

(3 hours later...)
Cop: So chief, what was the cause of death?
Police Chief: Suicide, the victim apparently wasn't a fan of the Stephanie Meyer
Cop: How do you figure that?
Police Chief: He wrote "Twilight Sucks" on his death note
Cop: Wow... that's the fifth one this week
by TwilightisAnnoying February 20, 2009
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the reason why muse fans that hate twilight can't listen to supermassive black hole anymore
Damn stephanie meyer.
by IwishyouwereneverbornSM August 30, 2009
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The woman who very recently put feminism back another ten years by writting the cliché-chauvinist-atom-bomb of all teen books: Twilight.

Her books urge teen girl not only to want an Edward of their own, but to think they need one.

The main character, Bella Swann is weak, backboneless, and cares nothing about herself. Also, her height and weight in the books: 5'4'' and 110 pounds, indicate that she has a below-healthy BMI.

Sounds like some wishful thinking on SM's part.
"What you just said was so anti-feminist that it sounds like something from a Stephanie Meyer book!"
by cherryfaerie June 02, 2009
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Me: Hey want to watch Dracula?

girl: No, Lets watch twilight

by That guy who stole my money November 19, 2010
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A crappy author who probably dreamt twilight from smoking to much pot
Stephanie Meyer created: Sparkly Vampires, Pedophile Werewolfs, etc.
by Saint_Spike May 19, 2009
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The author of what could have been a decent series, but failed epically in that department when The Necronomicon- I MEAN - Breaking Dawn came out.

Someone I would like to punch in the face with a book. Preferably with a huge hardback cover book.
Who would you like to punch in the face because she failed so hard?

Stephanie Meyer.
by fsrsk2 May 15, 2009
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A common misspelling of the name Stephenie Meyer.

Stephenie Meyer is most known for writing the Twilight Saga, and ninety-five percent of Urban Dictionary writers love to flame her, the remaining five percent praising her like she's their only reason to live.

See Stephenie Meyer. I recommend you read my indifferent definition which should probably be posted by the time you read this.
XxUnoriginalEmoScreennameXx: dont u hate stephanie meyer?? we should get together and asassinate her

ScreennameMadeToSoundLikeNinja: I don't really give a damn, but if you're going to flame her try to get her name right.
by InsertBrilliantNameHere March 27, 2011
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