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When you pay for things you are not able to attain any other way. Like sex, friends, and championships.
I got laid by a fine honey, all i had to do was pull a steinbrenner
by Gary April 20, 2004
22 13
1) A buyer and seller of baseball's biggest prostitutes (e.g. Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi).

2) A buyer of World Series rings

3) A geriatric fucktard.

See: fucktard
Steinbrenner is evil, and he must be destroyed
by cezero June 02, 2004
64 30
A verb that describes what a coach or a manager does to an athelete who is not performing as desired. Steinbrennering usually results in benching, releasing, or trading the underperforming player.
Bernie went 0 for 5 three weeks ago so the coach steinbrennered his ass, and he hasn't played since.
by UofAhas12 January 22, 2006
36 20
Evil Emperor of the Evil Empire (New York Yankees) famous for buying a world series and bitching at his manager when the Yankees are only 1 game ahead of their division.
George Steinbrenner is a douche bag.
by Tardy Mac June 10, 2004
32 21