Verb, meaning to screw someone out of something; noun as "stein" or "steiner" as one who steins.

Similar to jew and possibly due to the common suffix of -stein in Jewish names.
This donut only has 2 sprinkles! That guy steined me on the sprinkles!

You steiners better come up with that 20 bucks you owe me.
by Mediocrates May 25, 2004
As a verb, transitive and intransitive: to be or act miserly, often in a tricky fashion. As an exclamation, an expression of happy success in such activity. As a noun: (1) a good deal; (2) a person who lives by steining.
"I was walking through the lobby when I saw a buffet set up for some conference, so I steined some breakfast there."
"I gave her a 10, but she gave me back change for a 20. Stein!"
"Charles Shaw is only $2 a bottle at Trader Joe's. It's a total stein."
"He never brings anything to a party--what a stein."

by zoilax September 22, 2006
something that is horrible, wrong, disgusting, perverted, nasty, fucked up, not wanting to do something, or asking someone to reconsider their decision.
1)That bitches face is steiN!

2)This burger is stein!

3)My feet smell stein!

4)Dude be stein im not tryin to go to that saucer fest.

5)Im stein off going back to town.
by uoy era ohw November 28, 2009
Noun. An idiot or stupid person. An insensitive, selfish, ignorant, cocky person who is inconsiderate and does stupid things.

Someone who acts like a jerk, or a chode.

Hey stein, can i get my CDs back you borrowed like a million years ago?
by DJ Chai April 02, 2007
someone who lacks the common being of the human race. This person commonly struggles with life choices.
(joe ruberto)
by shea reyes and kevin rieschl December 22, 2003
A diseased cancer. Known to be attracted to "Neeks".
Man, what a fucking stein.
by Steins_Mum August 23, 2004
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