Noun- A person who is Jewish or demonstrates Jewish tendencies such as being cheap.

Verb- The act of being cheap
Noun- "Dude, don't be such a fucking stein and throw in for the beer!"

Verb- "Dude, Siegel isn't coming anymore, he fucking steined out."
by juicethang February 19, 2009
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A extreme player. Has sex with the hottest ladies, all the time. Is so unbelieveably sexy, smooth, and cut. His muscles are extremely big and he is amazing. Undescriable in one word.
Stein is a have sex with a hot girl.
by Becca Caldwell April 25, 2005
Cool, awesome, rad.
You're dating that fine piece of work!? That's stein man!
by MattSat August 15, 2010
Red reducing eye drops.
Yo dude can I get those steins?
Stein me!
by Kevin Cheroot May 23, 2008
yo straight up it a cig
lets go smoke a stein
by stein stein April 09, 2011
Verb, meaning to screw someone out of something; noun as "stein" or "steiner" as one who steins.

Similar to jew and possibly due to the common suffix of -stein in Jewish names.
This donut only has 2 sprinkles! That guy steined me on the sprinkles!

You steiners better come up with that 20 bucks you owe me.
by Mediocrates May 25, 2004
when u walk someone home and once u get them home you fuck the living shyt out of them
Guillermo walked Ivan home.Ivan let him inside n guillermo seduced him. Then guillermo fuk da shyt out of Ivan.This is called STEIN
by guillermo iglesias November 22, 2007

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