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Christmas and/or Jesus Christ
''Stefanos came wrapped in a blanket of white.''
by God of Everything and My Son December 22, 2011
13 6
iatlian name for a really hott guy with a hot body asnd nice smile usually any stefano u meet is very good looking smart and has potentional and reaches goals really sexy
dude did u see him? uyes stefano
by sdfsw3fdls July 10, 2008
378 87
the hottest man on earth. usually italian.

"did you just see stefano?"
"i wanna do him in the shower!"
by britt_11 December 26, 2006
318 78
amazing skater, funny, sexy, gangsta, from the sco, awesome
so i know this boyyy, and hes perfect. his name is stefano.
by Danasaur September 12, 2006
192 101
any person named stefano is most likely italian and super sexy. wears alot of cologne but his girlfriend loves the smell.he is very tall and has a big italian sausage, amazing blue eyes and blondish hair.his voice is super sexy and gives his girlfriens the chills when she hears it.he can charm any girl cause he knows exacly what to say to melt a girls heart. always wants to fuck though it gets kinda annoying to a girl. has really hairy legs but there nice, plays football and basketball and is really fucking good at totally against smoking weed and other drugs. over all any girl is lucky to get a stefano because they are big masculine manly italian sexy machines that are so very manly but so very gentle to the girl they love.
stefano is an italian guy who can cook and is a wiseguy
by lucky to be in love March 05, 2012
39 18
a Will Ferrell-like (especially when inebriated) Hokie; he's just funny all the time
who's that drunk guy smiling and screaming "i know him, I KNOW HIM!"
it's stefanos.
by Anna November 10, 2003
34 20
Italian. Adjective: an effeminate male marked by his gentle wrists and gay accent who identifies himself as heterosexual and is also homophobic. They appear to be unashamed or unaware of their feminine mannerisms while making unrepentant homophobic remarks and passive-aggressive] bullying.
Jessica: "Your manager hit on me. I thought he was gay?"

John: "Well... he's a stefano. He has 3 ex-wives, five kids and picks on gay guys, but yeah.. we can feel the wind gust from his flailing wrists all through the building."
by grimseether1111 July 19, 2013
4 7