To give a harsh remark that was uncalled for.
A spiteful remark
- Hello there, haven't seen you in a while
-Why don't you go associate yourself with other people?
-Ouch.. I just got stefanied..
by The Absolute Nightcrawler October 23, 2013
The hottest blonde girl Ive ever seen in my life who has green and blue eyes and who has a huge a_ _ and i love her more than anyone could ever love anything!
What a stefanie, WOW!
by sssssssbbbbb August 11, 2008
The most fake person you could ever be friends with. Often pretends to be nice towards others, but as soon as their backs are turned, she/he says everything mean about them, thinking they won't find out. When actually they do.

The most pathetic excuse of a friend.
Girl: Did you hear what happened to Jenni?
Boy: Yeah, I heard she got "Stefanied."

Girl: Damn, that girls a bitch!
by dumbumhun October 03, 2010

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