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A full mass erection.
I got a steeple after I saw that extremely hot girl.
by jokerface249 June 24, 2009
1) Poking / jabbing somebody up the bum with an object with similar shape to a penis.

2) A small village in Essex

3) The top of a church tower - also known as spire.
1) He steepled me last night.

2) My friend is from Steeple but no-one ever goes there.

3) I can see the churches steeple!
by Dot-to-Dot January 30, 2011
Verb: To jab someone in the bare anus, or in the anal area with clothes on, a sharp object, which may or may not resemble a church steeple. The two index fingers of each hand placed together may be used as a steeple.

Noun: The object being used to steeple someone, as described in the verb form above.
I'm going to steeple you so bad.

Watch out for the steeple!

This shampoo bottle will make a good steeple.

I'm going to steeple you.
by Dave March 04, 2003
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