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A female which is kind, loving, fun person, who after slight intoxication, becomes tremendously fun, and exponentially sexual.

Generally refereed to as "Bro" between her male friends.
Hey, look at her acting like Steeny.
by Mocha69 December 14, 2010
Smelling musky but not necessarily like sweat.
My boyfriend doesn't sweat, but sometimes he smells a little steeny.
by Thomas Turner June 11, 2007
To "Pull a Steeny" is to cheat on one's other half.
You're in a relationship and a girl/guy comes upto you and tries it on with you, you'd say "No, I'm not Steeny"
"That's be pulling a Steeny, I'm better than that"
by haaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha August 01, 2008
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