The term "Steely Dan" was originally used by the british to describe the act of a man spending a night with a prostitute. Doing a "Steely Dan" was the complete act of soliciting, going with and eventually having sexual intercourse with a lady of the evening.
"I hear Nigel did a little steely dan,... aye, got a leg over wif dat tart he met at the pub,...shagged her rotten he did,...idinit"
by bonedoctor69 April 19, 2006
a large, hand crafted dildo. the dildo is made by molding feces into the designated design and then sticking the dildo in the freezr. after the steely dan is completed, it is then inserted into a female's FUPA, or 'Fat Upper Pussy Area". steely dans are a great frozen treat if used on a nice warm day.
Yo, did you see that chicks steely dan????? that shit looks like a floppy jalopy!
by January 28, 2010
Slang for the Steel Reserve 40 oz beverage, also called High Gravity, and 211. Steely Dan is by far the foulest tasting 40 commonly available on the market.
Steely Dan, like Mad Dog, is consumed by members of the Trinity KKD fraternity because only real men would willingly submit themselves to a Steely Dan.
You ready to meet Steely Dan?
Oh yeah, bring it on, I'm going to make Steely Dan my bitch!
by IHaveMetalTeeth April 24, 2007
1. a steel black wheel or tire rim that ricers think look cool, when in actuality are lame.
2. The rim underneath plastic wheel covers.
He was too poor for rims, so he stuck with the steely dans.

See that really slow civic? The one with the steely dans?
by Rooster Cogburn April 28, 2005
Somthing that is uncool, unpopular, or jsut plain dumb. Named after the musician of the same name. Is gaining popularity in and around the Seattle area. The opposite of this would be Boz Scaggs
Dude, that was soo steely dan.
by Torgo February 28, 2005

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