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The stock wheels of a car without the hubcaps, usually black. These wheels were massed produced cheaply from steel to keeps costs down as oppossed to more exspensive better looking wheels.
That Civic is rockin his steelies, probably saving up for some better looking wheels.
by txedomask433 January 19, 2007
Slang name for the outstandingly flavorful malt beverage, Steel Reserve 211. Comes in 12 oz. cans, 24 oz. cans(Tall cans), and 40 oz. Why is Steel Reserve worshipped by so many? It's inexpensive, doesn't taste too bad, and gets you drunk twice as fast as normal beer does due to it's 8.1% alcohol content.
"Let's grab a few tall cans of Steelie's from Tower Mart and get smashed in the parking lot of Rainbow market."
by Spooni-D July 14, 2006
punk/skinhead slang: steel toed boots.
Your lucky you were wearing steelies otherwise youd be minus 5 toes.
by Sir Loin September 17, 2005
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