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Slang/nickname for most cities which produce, or did produce, large quantities of Steel.

Cities that have been nicknamed Steel City include Pittsburgh PA, Gary IN, Cleveland OH, Lorain OH, Hamilton Ontario (Canada).
A:"We're going to Steel City"
B:"Which one?"
B:"It's good I brought my bullet proof vest then"
by steelcitysoulja34th November 21, 2009
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Lorain, Ohio.

A city outside of Cleveland known for its giant steel mills, which are mostly abandoned now.
Fligners market is located in Steel City on Broadway.

Steel City is on Lake Erie.
by youngroyce89 May 20, 2010
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nickname for pittsburgh. comes from the city's former trade of steel and steel by products. pittsburgh also nicknamed 412, steeltown, city of bridges, or the burgh.
i'm goin to the steel city for a minute.
by jeff from the steel city July 26, 2006
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A local nickname for Sheffield, originating from it's long history of steel manufacture. Mainly used by locals when asked where they live.
Person 1: So where are you from?

Person 2: Woo! Steel city!
by steelcitygirl November 10, 2009
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