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A man (or woman) who takes steroids
person 1: Have you heard? Jim takes steroids!

Person 2: Oh my god, He's turned into a sted head!
by OprahsAnalBeads October 22, 2008
Someone that steroids dosen't agree with
Check out that sted head!!
by ih8noobs October 02, 2011
Man, Woman, Hench or Beast that dabbles in Performance Enhancing Substances often described as "Steds" (Street for "Steroids") in order to look Hench, Buff, Swole or Ripped
You seen that Geezer over there mate? He's Hench, but I bet he's a "Sted Head".


You stoopid F****n "Sted Head" Bouncer


You seen Danny these days? He's a right "Sted Head" now but he's propper swole innit....
by Sted Head March 11, 2015

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