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A Steamin' Demon is when you take not one but two steaming turds, freshly dropped, and stuff them into your partners ears. This action resembles a demon with horns.
Billy was being naughty so his parents tied him up and gave him a Steamin' Demon!
by Ruben 12-5-16-16-15 March 28, 2007
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The act of removing one's member mid, or post-coitus, while enduring sub-zero conditions; thus creating a steaming effect.
While Roger and his woman were getting it on in the snowbank last night she came face-to-face with the steamin' demon.
by anonymous4567895 March 06, 2013
The act of shitting on another person's head after anal intercourse, giving them the appearance of horns.
"Dude, I was with this freaky girl last night, and she totally gave me a steamin' demon! It was HOT!"
by Tahitian May 25, 2008

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