The only thing on the face of the earth that could have so many errors. Using it is like unwanted anal sex by some big burly man named Betty.

2)Satan's HL replacement for WON.
Wow, gg steam. GJ with making 24 out of the 29 people on NAR#2 the Gorge Hideout server randomly drop, completely ruining the game.

Wait... why are 666 and a bunch of pentagrams with stars in them included in the steam help file?
by Johnson August 23, 2004
A big pile of tooken apart poop by a cannibal.
Oh my god, I just stepped on a steam. It was warm!
by fred jackson August 28, 2005
Hot woman. Origin of word in Chicago sometime in 1990's.
This club is awesome! Look at all the steam in here!
by staccato brainstem February 12, 2005
verb, means to fuck over/shit on
You've been steamed.
by Patro September 17, 2003
A program designed by VALVe to make more money out of their games, and convenience gamers by auto updating games, and adding a friends/im system. This makes them more money because they dont have to pay the publisher as much money so instead of getting 15 bucks a copy after all the publishing fees, they get about 40. It was released over one and a half years ago with many bugs, those bugs were fixed, but people still blame steam on their crappy comp
steam is much better, just because ur 4 year old comp and ur 56k connection cant run the game fast, doesn't mean its steam fault. What would u rather do, Wait for 5 hours inline on fileplanet, or directly download content from one of steam 44 content servers.
by Scarface November 29, 2004
is meant to make u kill urself
Sucide Note:
Steam screwed me over so much i am gunna jump off this buidling
by kyle March 03, 2004
An awesome program made by Valve that lets you buy and download games directly to your computer. It also has a community system with a friend network, so you can play with other people online.

Often criticized by retards on the internet who think its slow and crashes too often. Blame your computer, folks, not Steam.
Steam has never crashed on me before, and its rarely slow. I haven't the slightest idea why people hate it.
by Terrazine November 16, 2011
A blow job or Dan job.
StraightDanny steamed Ryan.
by Avi February 12, 2005

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