The only thing on the face of the earth that could have so many errors. Using it is like unwanted anal sex by some big burly man named Betty.

2)Satan's HL replacement for WON.
Wow, gg steam. GJ with making 24 out of the 29 people on NAR#2 the Gorge Hideout server randomly drop, completely ruining the game.

Wait... why are 666 and a bunch of pentagrams with stars in them included in the steam help file?
by Johnson August 23, 2004
to steam means to fart a lot.
"hey Kim see,she's steamin' on his face"!
by Ra Skull August 05, 2010
A nasty chest injury, more likely than not caused by a flying section of pipe.
Let off some steam, Bennett
by Mark L Lester February 09, 2004
when a man tries to ejaculate and he shoots a plain blank
Dude, Old man Dick shot a steam on his wife yesterday.
by ryry6 January 18, 2010
When its mad heads on one L and one person keeps taking one too many pulls.
"ayo money, it's puff, puff, pass!!! why you keep steaming?
by Baby Harlem October 20, 2006
Noun/adjective/verb, used when somebody gets way too excited of something. Usually saying this makes him/her calm down: has a kind of negative tone.
Ohh, you gotta let the steam out, (wo)man. Breathe deep.
Steam... you're steaming again.
by Avanninen August 31, 2005
To bumrush a store with a group of boosters and grab everything they can get their sticky fingers on.
"Yo, lets steam the Lo section at Bloomingdales, and mase anybody that gets in your way.
by Ra-Lo April 22, 2005
1. Someone that is hot/attractive.
2. Something that is "cool"

syn. sick, bomb, nice, sweet, bod, tug, cool, etc.
man, did you see that girl.
yeah yo, her dress was steam.
by G-mon. January 30, 2007

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