1. A person who writes comments on their FB page or on other people's pages only to have them delete these posts minutes after writing them-leaving the other person to appear as if they are having a conversation with themselves.

2.Also used for someone who is known to delete comments, untag pictures they do not like of themselves. The fear of people finding out the unsavoury comment or picture has the stealthbooker sweating bullets. The stealtbooker appears to be convinced that someone may see this fb post you wrote.
Dude, you gotta stop stealthbooking shit off my page. You are making me look like I am more crazy than I am.

Bobba, why do you keep stealhbooking my posts about you barfing outside the bar last night. Everyone saw you do it, why not capture the moment forever. Heatwave wont find out about your drunken nightmare behaviour.
by Tunahead Heatwave September 17, 2010
Top Definition
When someone uses Facebook in offline mode. Usually to hide from the friends that they added, but never want to talk to.

You can find stealthbookers, when they make a comment, post on a wall or like something when you can't see them online.
Example 1.

Bro 1: Andie is never online!
Bro 2: But she posted on my wall 2 seconds ago!
Bro 1: Lol, she is stealthbooking again...

Example 2.

"Hey Andie, I can see you stealthbooking!"
by madstylex August 30, 2010
To post/lurk on facebook without being on facebook chat, making it seem as if your offline.
Did you seen Jim online before? Pretty sure he was stealthbooking...
by dragon2169DCZXv February 05, 2010
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