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Crafty office workers who use an alternative floor to go for a shite.
Hows it hanging John? I needed a massive shite this morning, but I went to the 4th floor to wreck those cunts in accounts bog instead of ours. I got in and out before anybody came in -it was quality Stealth Bombing.
by John Kebab February 27, 2010
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Insulting a certain individual without them ever finding out
"Damn Tiffany is such a Hitler Cunt" "Why are you stealth bombing on Tiffany so hard"
by Bin Laden's Meaty pussy October 14, 2016
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1)An act done whilst in the doggy position. When the giving partner is about to cum, he pulls out and makes a noise like an aeroplane. Confused, the recieving partner turns around just in time to recieve a face full of cum.
2)Done at a sleep over or similar event. Whilst someone is asleep, other people come and jizz in their face/ on their pillow.
I stealth bombed your mum last night!
We were stealth bombing Suzy.
We stealth bombed Adam at the party!
by Vampiric16 April 24, 2009
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Is commonly mistaken for when someone has done a silent yet incredibly bad smelling trump. however means when someone has "dropped off the radar" or in other words is unable to be contacted due to them appearing to be excluding a group of people for an unknown reason, be it due to an argument or the person in question having just changed. etc.
Dave: Colin you heard from John recently??
Colin: No mate hes been ignoring my texts... looks like he's stealth bombing us at the moment..
by Lolage... June 28, 2010
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