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1. (n): To have intercourse while one or more people in the room are either sleeping or unaware of the act taking place.
We were all watching a movie but I knew Mark and Alysha were having stealth sex.
by The Tube Sock November 12, 2011
a sexual act in which one or more of the participants are unaware of the act
woah did i just get laid or was that rape mabe stealth sex
by crack man 09 June 12, 2009
A situation where someone (often a woman) is unaware that they are engaged in sexual activity with someone else. Usually occurs as a result of unconsiousness caused by rohypnol, chloroform rags, sleeping gas, alcohol inebriation, and blunt force trauma.
John spiked Jane's drink with rohypnol and then took her to his apartment where he gave her stealth sex.
by Fortis Maxar April 20, 2006
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