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The art of finding an unsuspecting victim leaning forward on a wall or railing ect then going up behind them and pretent to be taking them up the corn hole in a thrusting motion.
Hey, I wonder if he knows if he's recieving a good 'ol Stealth bumming?
by Jeff93 January 07, 2010
The act of capturing on camera a person pretending to bum or "shadow bumming" an unaware person.

If you successfully pull off a stealthbum you are awarded one credit.

If the unaware person becomes aware the stealthbum will become null and void and not count in the scoring.
"Duncan take a picture of me while I stealthbum this old lady while she picks up her bags of groceries.."

"Ok Simon, let me get my camera-phone out..."

<Simon stands prone over the old lady adopting the bumming position as the old lady bends over>

Duncan takes the picture:


Much laughter and hilarity ensues and later they recount stories of the stealthbumming that was achieved that day.
by Palmdogger October 07, 2011