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Deliberately taking action to sabotage the structural integrity and/or disease barrier effectiveness of condom during anal intercourse to willfully inseminate your partner without his/her consent.

Cutting, biting, removing, or otherwise damaging a condom prior to or during intercourse with the sole purpose of inseminating and/or infecting your sex partner without his or her knowledge.
I hooked up with this guy who insisted that I use a condom while having anal intercourse. I told him I that was HIV negative, so I decided to stealth bomb his ass half way through sex. He never suspected a thing.
by Theoden November 15, 2011
14 3
When you sneak into the bathroom at a party, and take a shit but do not flush. You discreetly and quietly exit and leave the party with haste, giving it time to fester and stink up the place.
I snuck into the Omega Delta kegger, and dropped a stealth bomb, and they didn't find it until 2 hours I left.
by Madmike the Malevolent January 23, 2007
18 7
when you go up to someone sleeping and drop a dingleberry on their face and walk away
I dropped the dirty stealth bomb on this guy at this party while he was sleeping
by BlackGuyMcgee August 01, 2011
4 4
Noun: term for a fart when you are in a large crowd (20 people or more) and leave the longest and smelliest (possibly wet) fart of your life and run through the crowd so all suffer from it
1: dude I was in the airport the other day waiting to get on my plane when i dropped a stealth bomb.

2: Random girl: Oh my god! Someone just left a stealth bomb how gross! Random man: ew thats nasty! The culprit is long gone now though.
by Shard1848595 March 27, 2010
5 7