When someone makes one too many "your face jokes" at a company BBQ the proper retaliation is for someone to pick a steak up off the grill and slap its hot juicyness right across your face. It is important to yell "steak slap" when performing a steak slap.
Nicole Kidman: "Hey Tom Cruz! Your face is scientiology!" Tom Cruz: (picks up steak from hot grill) "STEAK SLAP BIEOTCH!!!!!!!"
by Porcupine balls August 27, 2010
Top Definition
When someone disses your mom at dinner and the only course of action is to pick up your steak and slap them across their face, thus squirting steak juices all over.
At a company picnic someone calls your momma fat. you steak slap their faces with the steak fresh off the grill, then yell "your face gets steak slapped"
by Willa the thrilla February 16, 2009
taking a frozen steak and slapping your girlfriend with it in the booty.
at christmas i steak slap every hot piece of ass that walks through that door.
by Curt Zimmerman May 20, 2006
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