Sex Fun: A girl cooks her guy a 'Steak Dinner' and then they both go in front of a TV and she takes it doggy style while he eats the 'Steak Dinner' off of her back, using her as his table, while watching whatever he wants, usually sports.
A Steak DInner...It is what it is.
by dubdawg March 16, 2009
Top Definition
Euphemism for a Blow Job. Because getting a BJ is as good as getting steak dinner.
Mike: How'd your date go last night?
Chris: Pretty good. Got me a steak dinner at the end of the night.
Mike: Real Nice!
by Mordac, Lord of Unholy Fury August 09, 2006
A college student confided to his class that "when I take a girl out for a steak dinner, I expect her to take it in the ass."

The most common context is in a business setting when one party is trying to take advantage of another (i.e. "These guys are trying to buy us a steak dinner - they expect us to take it in the ass on that (negotiating) point.")
Ted: "How'd it go with Wendy last night?"
Bill: "Excellent, bought her a steak dinner."
Diego: "Hey Yves, how's your deal going?"
Yves: "Shitty, those guys are trying to buy me a steak dinner."
by NestorThaMolestor December 29, 2005
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