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Steak Bake: A steak bake is when your finger accidently goes through the toilet paper and into your feces... kinda like when your finger breaks through a greggs steak bake.
1. going to the toilet and accidently having a steak bake
by Chew-Boi November 13, 2009
What comes out of your gareth after a weeks holiday in the canary islands when you have eaten sirloin steak every night and become constipated due to the funny water. It looks like steak, it smells like steak and would probably taste like steak too if you cared to try it...
"I didnt shit for a week when I got back off holiday. When I finally managed to empty the chodhopper it was a real steakbake"
by stefb March 13, 2009
A large pasty like snack which you can currently get down Greggs on a 2 for 1 deal basis. Unfortunately due to high demand from one induvidual who goes by the name of Jack, the factory supplying the ingredients for these bakes has been thrown into turmoil, with staff shortages and the like. Jack has currently bought up most of the shop and Greggs is consequently contemplating closure for the forseeable future due to lack of items of food for sale. If and when Greggs does re-open, Jack will almost certainly be banned from going within 10 feet of the shop. The boy in question is currently on the NHS waiting list for the proceedure of stomach stapeling.
Linda: I'm out of a job

Tor: *shocked* how? why?

Linda: That kid ate all the steak bakes in Greggs and the factory I was in wasn't sufficiently staffed and couldn't cope with the heavy work load.

Tor: Bastard *shakes fist*
by Linda April 17, 2005

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