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A. One who chooses to stay home and do "the most important job in the world" (caring for children) full time through a gross deposit of entitlement with no means of income of their own. B. One who feels and expresses to others that their role as a non-working parent makes them the most vital function in a family unit and possibly even the world. C. One's ex-wife.
"Ron told me the other day that I will need to get a job when the alimony ends next year. Obviously he doesn't appreciate that I do the most important job in the world. He deserves to pay me 2/3rds of his paycheck and continue to support all my wants and needs even though I wanted the divorce."

"I take on so much more than anyone could imagine. I couldn't possibly get a job - that would be selfish. I would not be able to volunteer at the church or bake cookies for my son's class. I would never have "me time" - naps, tanning, pedis, manis, botox - I need those things to stay sane and be a good mother. Nobody values Stay at Home Martyrs - our jobs are 24-7."
by Tululah July 25, 2009
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