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the last name of the awesome comic book writer and letterer Richard Starkings
Me: omg!!!! Have you read the new Elephantmen?
You: By Richard Starkings?
Me: yup
by udhahaha March 11, 2012
verb. to action something, or a succession of things, in the style of Tony Stark (aka IronMan).
Alex: 'Jim can't make the party on Saturday, he's starking it up at the Monaco Grand Prix'
Jack: 'Ha! Knowing Jim, he'll probably try to get into one of the cars and drive the race!'
by mylife98 June 28, 2012
to make, or fix things in the utilitarian style of Tony Stark from "Iron Man"

to stark
My best friend just starked my rice cooker and now it works!

Don't bother trying to call him, he's busy starking an arc reactor for halloween
by emdash December 13, 2009
verb. to give the V-sign in a Tony Stark style.

This required the index and middle finger to be fully extended, the ring and little finger fully rolled up with the thumb clasped over them. The hand is elevated above head height, and the wrist broken downwards and outwards in the horizontal and vertical planes so that the line of the extended index finger is continuous with the top of the forearm.
'He's starking the crowd!'
by mylife98 June 28, 2012
The act of talking excessively in the gym. Causes other gym goers to rest longer between sets due to unwanted conversation.
I'm trying to finish my workout brah, stop starking.
by broski453 August 07, 2013